Monday, December 31, 2012

Aruba: Day Three, Four, & Five

Here are days numero tres, cuatro, y cinco!

Day Three:
MERRY CHRISTMAS from Aruba! We went to mass at 10am at a local Catholic Church. They didn't speak English (nor Spanish) so we really didn't understand half of the mass. They did play some Christmas songs in English. The rest of the day we had a relaxing day at the beach and pool. Best way to spend Christmas if you ask me :). Nick and my Dad golfed in the afternoon. 

Day Four:
If you were wondering about the weather, just the first two days weren't the best, but the rest of the week was gorgeous. Sunny with some clouds and windy like it is every day. On Wednesday morning, we went to the far west side of the Island where there is a lighthouse called California Lighthouse. It's inactive now. There was a beautiful view of the coast from the lighthouse, so I took plenty of pictures. After, we went to the pool the rest of the day. Lots of good tanning for sure! That night, my parents went out to eat together. Nick, Chris, and I went to an Italian restaurant. The pizza was delicious! We shopped around a little bit too that night.  
California Lighthouse

Golf Course
By the lighthouse. Awesome views!
Day Five: 
That morning we went for a tour of the local Brewery: Balashi Beer. We arrived and they said we needed to have tennis shoes, which my Mom and I both weren't wearing, so we couldn't get in. Boo! We turned around and went to the beach the rest of the day. Another relaxing and sun-filled day! 

The rest of the trip is next!

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