Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 4 Thanksgiving 5K

This week it was officially THREE weeks until Thanksgiving and I get to see my family! I'm super excited! You know what else that means? The Thanksgiving 5K is in three weeks too! This week wasn't so good for running...I'm blaming it on the cold weather that came through this week. I hate cold weather! (I ran 6.5 miles today week 5 is off to a great start!)

Here's my not-so-many-miles week:
10-29-12: Ran 3 miles, weights 30 minutes
10-30-12: OFF
10-31-12: Ran 2 miles, elliptical 50 minutes
11-1-12: Ran 2 miles 20:00, elliptical 35 minutes
11-2-12: OFF
11-3-12: OFF

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