Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful to be Home after the LONGest day ever!

I had been looking to this day ALL semester. November 21st was the day I could finally come home for Thanksgiving. It would be the first day home since starting school in August and I was ready! The plan was that I would land in Hartford, CT at noon.....little did I know that didn't happen! 

Here's the story:

I left Bowling Green at 3:45 am to catch my flight in Nashville. I did not sleep well that night because I kept checking the clock, so I was running on little sleep. I arrived in Nashville, ready to board my flight to Chicago, where my layover was, and then onto Hartford. At 5:30, they announced that my flight would be delayed to 6:30 am because of the severe fog in Chicago. I thought "Ok 30 minutes won't hurt anything." Fifteen minutes later they announced that the flight was completely cancelled because of the fog. What was I supposed to do?! So I wanted in line for 45 minutes to talk to the flight peeps, they told me I will get on the 7:45 am flight to Baltimore and then after that the next available flight wasn't until 6pm to Hartford. 6PM!? What was I going to do for that long? They said there were 3 earlier flights that I could standby for. 11:05, 2:35, and 3:30. So, I was off to Baltimore.

Once I arrived in Baltimore, I ran to the 11:05 flight which was completely booked. Then it was time to wait for the 2:35 flight. So I had to figure out what to do for the next 3 hours. I had my homework with me and LUCKILY they had free wi-fi (my first "thank you" of the day). The flight time rolled around and they once again were booked, boo! So off to wait for the 3:35 one....I worked on some more homework and crossed my fingers that I would get on this flight. Waiting by the desk at 3:30...they announced my name!! (my second "thank you" of the day). I called my Mom and told her I was on my way home! I arrived in Hartford at 5 pm. 

Once in Hartford, I went to claim my luggage...once again, my unlucky-ness struck. My bag wasn't on that flight! I went to the luggage workers and asked them where it was. They said that it was probably on the 6 pm flight which I was originally booked. That flight wasn't arriving until 7:10 pm so my Mom and I went to a mall and dinner to kill some time (FYI: We live 45 minutes from the airport  so it wasn't worth going home). We ate dinner at P.F. Chang's (third "thank you" of the day). I didn't eat lunch, so I was ready to eat. It was quite delicious! After, we walked around a really nice mall. I received a text saying the flight wouldn't be in until 7:40 more time to kill, yay! (that was sarcastic by the way). We arrived at the airport at 8 pm to get my bag, to only find out that the flight was delayed until 8:30. So we sat in the cell phone lot until 8:45 rolled around. I went inside to get my bag... and guess what?? It wasn't there! I talked to the luggage people and they said they had no idea where my bag was. How did they have no idea where my bag was?! Crazy! They informed me that they would bring the bag to me that night or the next day. The good thing was I had a carry-on as well that had all my important things (fourth "thank you" of the day) like my running shoes and clothes for the 5k race the next day. After that ordeal, we were headed home. 

On our way home we go (bag-less, of course), but I was finally on in the car driving towards Southbury, CT.   As soon as I opened the door Bailey greeted me. I sure missed her! I also, saw Dad, Nick, and Chris, missed them too! My whole family is home now! (Best "thank you" of the day). I was FINALLY HOME! (at 10 pm) It sure was a long day. Looking back, even though I was stressed about getting home (and could have driven home in that amount of travel time), I was productive at the airport and made it safely home. I thank God for all my blessings and that I could be with my family for Thanksgiving! 

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