Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yes, I'm graduating Harvard


On Wednesday (last week), Maura and I headed to Boston for the day! She had never been so I was excited to take her because it is a neat city with lots to explore!

When we arrived, we first went to the Public Garden in the Boston Common and took a "swan boat" ride in the little pond. It was short, but a pleasant ride. Once again, we got lucky with the weather and it was a beautiful day!

Public Garden
On the Swan Boat
Later we walked around for a little bit and made our way up to the water. We enjoyed an iced coffee and sat outside for an hour or so (and of course did some people watching ;) ). Afterwards we walked on Hanover Street where a famous pastry shop called Mike's Pastry is located. I picked up some brownies to bring back home for my family. Maura bought a cannoli (most known for). Next on our list was to visit Harvard, which I had never visited before.

Waiting for the T with our Mike's Pastry
We hopped on the T (Boston's subway system) and went to Cambridge. Good thing we didn't walk because the ride was kind of long and we had to cross over the Charles River. As we stepped off the T, it was really busy around Harvard. It was commencement day and there were lots of people walking around. Because of commencement, there were a bunch of chairs, signs, and tents set-up. Maura and I were convinced they set it up because we were graduating, ha! The Cambridge area was really nice with lots of shops and restaurants. After walking around for awhile, we decided we needed to look for a place to eat dinner. We wanted to go to a place where we could eat outside. We ran into a burger joint called Mr. Bartley's, which looked good, and let me tell you, IT WAS! They had any kind of burger you could think of, and they were all named after famous people. Maura's burger was called Mark Zuckerburg (which was brand new that day). I got the Ellsbury (which I had to look up later and found out he is a Red Sox player). Some other burgers included: Mitt Romney ("2012 or bust"), This Lady Gaga ("Lady gag me"), Rick Santorum ("heavenly"), Michelle Obama ("shes's hot and spicy"), The Jersey Shore ("over the top"). It was delicious! After, we decided we were full and we would head back home. 

Mr. Bartley's

It was a good day! :)

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