Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Old Pictures

My Grandpa is visiting us for a couple of weeks and with him he brought a bunch of old pictures that he found at his house. They were a lot of fun to look through. There were some of my dad as a high school and college student, I decided to not upload them...but they were quite funny! Here are some pictures below:

Nick and I in front of our house in Louisville (some major cheesin')

Nick and I on a wagon ride on Easter. We loved riding in it! 1994
Me and Nick in Alabama. Nick was a chubby one!

Me: 1991
Me and Nick. Check out my outfit, ha! (Look closely, we are holding hands- we liked each other, no way that would happen now!)
Mom and I, Halloween 1992
Nick and I- we were so cute!
Family Picture 1997
Nick wanted to be just like me...according to this picture
Family Picture 1993
Picture at our preschool La Petite. Check out Nick's Bugs Bunny Sweatsuit! 1995

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