Friday, May 11, 2012

To Accomplish This Summer

Here is my "To-Do List" for SUMMER 2012:

1. Make at least one recipe out of the Spanish cookbook (I bought in Spain)
2. Run 3 miles in 27 minutes. 
3. Read 5 books
4. Be able to do 25 normal girl push-ups in a row
5. Study for the GRE and do amazing on it!
6. Scrapbook at least 10 pages, including Spain from last summer.
7. Practice my Spanish at least 2 hours a week (through
8. Complete the Hilltoppers for Life blog
9. Catch up on what is happening on Grey's Anatomy
10. Take Bailey on at least 3 hikes
11. Memorize the entire Rosary 
12. Get some sun, aka at least get some freckles back! 
13. Spend some quality time with my any kind of way.
14. Send postcards to friends when I travel.
15. Continue to blog, can I make a goal of at least 15 posts/month? 

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