Monday, May 7, 2012

Done with the Semester!

YAYAYAY!! I can't hold in my excitement! I'm done with the semester! This morning I had an in-class final, then I had a presentation as a final, and then took an online final. I'M DONE! I had a total of 5 finals and 1 presentation and it's completed. I don't know what to do with myself now! (just kidding) I have lots and lots of packing to do before I head home for the summer on Saturday.

My to-do list before I leave, PLUS fun stuff:
- Pack up my room: some in storage, some for my car to bring home.
- Buy my Mom's Mother's Day gift
- Go through all my notes and figure out which ones I need to keep.
- Sell books back (the one book I could...)
- CLEAN my room
- Hot Rods game tonight
- Women's group dinner Tuesday night
- Volunteer for Senior Tea on Friday
- Dinner with the Spanish Club
- Free time to do whatever I want...yes!
- Officially check-out on Friday and leave for home Saturday :)

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