Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Books Galore

Since I have a Kindle Fire there are several free book options that you can choose from on Amazon. My Mom has been going crazy getting free ones because when I open up my Kindle a new book will magically appear. It is convenient that both of our Kindles are connected so whenever she buys one it will be on mine too! :) 

Here is the list that is currently on my Kindle: 
1. Rescue Me by: Sydney Allan
2. The Secret Holocaust Diaries by: Carolyn Tomlin
3. The Journey Home by: Michael Baron
4. A Dog Named Slugger: Leigh Brill
5. Code Triage by: Candace Calvert
6. Somewhere like Here by: Melissa Dereberry
7. Another Broken Wizard by: Colin Dodds
8. Promises by: E.G.Lewis
9. Promise Me This by: Cathy Gohlke
10. Shadow of Death by: Patricia Gussin
11. Mechanics of Murder by: RaeAnne Hadley
12. Elisha's Bones by: Don Hoesel
13. Fireflies by: Jennifer Erin Valent
14. A Week at the Beach by: Virginia Jewel
15. May Day by: Jess Lourey
16. Double Dare by: Rhonda Nelson
17. The One You Love by: Paul Pilkington
18. Still Life with Murder by: P.B. Ryan
19. Holiday Rush by: Lisa Scott
20. The Suicide Effect by: L.J. Sellers

WOW! 20 Books! Looks like I have lots of reading to do. Good thing next week will begin summer for me, so I will finally have more time to read leisurely which I love to do. I will be making a summer reading list soon and I'm sure a lot of these will be on it. 

By the way, has anybody heard/read of any these? Are they good?

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