Saturday, February 25, 2012


Week 8 COMPLETE!! Woohoo. I ran 5 out of 7 days this week! Although not all of them were long runs, I think every run counts! For some reason my body wasn't feeling that great this week so my runs were a lot slower than usual. Also, I'm supposed to be up to 5 miles this week, which I didn't reach, but I plan on doing it this upcoming week :) (I did run almost 6 a couple weeks though, remember?) 

My week:
2-19-12 (Sunday): Ran 4 miles 42:53, weight lifted 20 minutes 
2-20-12 (Monday): Rest 
2-21-12 (Tuesday):  Ran/walk 3 miles 32:51, elliptical 50 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes  
2-22-12 (Wednesday):  Ran 1 mile 11:10, elliptical 20 minutes    
2-23-12 (Thursday):  Ran 4 miles 44:32, elliptical 35 minutes, weight lifted 30 minutes 
2-24-12 (Friday):  Ran 2 miles  20:09, elliptical 20 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes 
2-25-12 (Saturday):  45 minutes elliptical, weight lifted 15 minutes 

Highlight of the day: I GOT NEW RUNNING SHOES! I haven't tested them out yet, but I plan to very soon. 
Looking spiffy

Aren't the bottoms so cool looking?
Running Schedule on my wall
Look! February is almost done and soon I will have to put up page #2!

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