Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SLP Observation

For my CD (Communication Disorders) 280 class, I have to observe a speech pathologist for 4 hours. Today and yesterday I went to Britthaven rehabilitation center in Bowling Green. It was a great experience. I learned a lot because I had never seen a speech pathologist in a nursing home/rehab setting. I had the opportunity to observe 3 patients with swallowing problems. The therapist helped the patients eat their food. Today I saw a man receiving Vital Stem therapy, which is when electrodes are placed on the neck to stimulate the muscles in the throat so they have better control over eating. It was really cool! I also watched a lady receive a cognitive test to see id she needed Cognitive Linguistic Therapy. The therapist I was observing discovered that she needed therapy because she couldn't answer simple questions like who is the president or what year are we in. I'm not sure if I want a job in this kind of setting. It was kind of depressing to see all these older people with Alzheimers and other conditions that make them kind of "out of it." I am planning on working in the school with kids or a private practice. But we will see what the future holds. I am more exited to learn about my major and finally understand how to treat speech pathology patients!

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