Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Online Class

I'm going to complain and whine about my online class. I'm taking CD 280: Survey to Speech and Language Pathology, which is my very first class in my major. Now why did they make the very first class of my major online? Don't you think they would want to have contact with the students and help them truly understand what kind of major they are getting themselves into. Also, every Tuesday night at 7 pm we have to go online and chat with our professor and other classmates for 1 hour and half and discuss the chapter. (plus my professor says he "pecks" the keys on the computer so you can imagine how long this conversation is going to last....)Isn't the point of an online class to do your homework, tests, and quizzes anytime you want!? Because I have plenty of other things that I would want to be doing at that time!! So that is my opinion about my online class....thanks for reading.

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