Thursday, September 16, 2010

News of the Day

Everyday I try and grab the USA Today newspaper to catch up on the news. I would like to share some stories and articles that I find interesting or cool. Here are two from today's paper:

1. "The Woman who voiced Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer died Friday at her home near Toronto at age 88, reports E! News. Billie Mae Richards was a Canadian radio actress who provided the male voice for Rudolph in the holiday classic, which still airs on CBS during the holidays. In the credits for the special, which was based on the 1949 song and made its debut in 1964, Richards was listed as "Billy Richards" to cover the fact that she was a woman."

2. The second article that I found interesting was "NYC might ban smoking in parks, plaza." NYC plans on banning smoking in certain areas in NYC including Times Square. Also as it states "all city parks, beaches and pedestrian plazas." I think it is a VERY smart move! Here is the link for the full article:

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