Friday, September 10, 2010


Here is another neat prayer from the book "Catholic and College Bound:"

A Prayer to Jesus

Christ, I turn to you now,
searching for you in the light of this day,
the promise of morning,
the heat of noon,
the shade of evening.

Do not let me miss you,
or mistake you for some worry or burden.
Do not let me pass you by,
as an inconvenience or obstacle.
Do not let me lose you,
in the rush to rest or the delay of boredom.

When I am weary, renew my strength.
When I am lost, find me.
When I would choose some other companion,
some other joy, some other cause,
love me as only you can.

In your goodness, give me a sense of purpose
and meaning in my daily life.
Show me here and there along the way
my bright and beckoning end,
the horizon that draws me beyond
the distractions of this world
and my own weakness
to your promise of heaven,
which is not the end of my life,
but only the beginning. Amen.

by: George Szews

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