Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of June

Wow! June flew by. I can't believe that tomorrow is July. I am looking forward to the rest of the summer though. Today is June 30... do you know what that means? EXACTLY 2 months until classes start up for the fall semester. I'm sure not ready for all the school work, so I would like to enjoy the summer some more! :)

June was a great month! I moved to Connecticut and ever since then we have been settling and exploring the area. For the most part I have been hanging out with my family, but once July is here, we are going to have a bunch of visitors and I'm going back to Louisville. Next week, Nick's friend will be here and we are going to NYC for two days. Then two weeks after that I will be going to Louisville for a week! I can't wait. And then on my way home I will be taking two friends back with me! A family friend will be here at the end of July too. And then it's August. July is going to fly by too. Do you know what else is in July? MY JOB!!! I finally got one and I will be working hard and earning some money until school starts. YAY!

How was your June?

My next post will be in JULY!!
Did you notice this was my 50th post too?!?!

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