Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finals Week

Wow, I haven't written in a week! Last week was really busy for me because I had several exams and I also needed to prepare for finals. Today is Sunday which means that I just finished my last weekend as a freshman in college at WKU. It is shocking! I need to get through finals week to finish up the year. I have four exams and my final draft of my English research paper is due. I have Physics, Spanish, Geography, and Human Nutrition finals. I hope I do well in all of them! I am little worried about Physics because I need to get an A on the exam! But it is on Monday so I'm glad it's at the beginning of the week. I am going to enjoy my last week at WKU. I plan on spending a lot of time with friends and of course studying. I am wishing good luck to everyone on their finals this week :)


  1. Well I hope you're not as nervous as I am because I'm silently freaking out.

  2. haha.. I'm kind of freaking out too, but I'm trying to stay calm!