Sunday, November 10, 2013

Penny on Social Media

Since I'm not home social media has been my friend to talk to my family and also, see the cutest pup ever! 
Skype has been great to see Penny live. Here are some snap shots of Skyping her. 

This is when Nick went to go pick her out. She was so tiny! As you can see, Mom, Chris, and I are all huddled around the computer screen. 

Above and below, this was the first weekend that they picked her up. She was sleeping and kind of out of it. She was so squishy looking! And Dad popped in to say hi too!

Below is a video of Penny. I took this on my phone when I was home for Fall Break. I need to work on figuring out hot to upload a video. Not sure why it turned out like this. 

Almost everyday, Chris is sending me Snap-chats. He sent me one yesterday with a UofL blanket on her and said "Go Cards!" Too funny. Mom is sending me picture texts of her as well. Thank goodness for social media and technology :)

Mom sent me one and said "Two cuties" I totally agree ;)

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