Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a great day with their family/friends.

This was my first year not being home with my family. It definitely wasn't the same without them, but I still had a great day. 

I got to spend some time with these two....

Allison and Sean! Aren't they cuties? They are my cousins. I also spent time with my aunt and uncle too.

On Wednesday we ate dinner together and hung out. 
On Thursday, I went to a spin class with my aunt, which was start to a day full of food. After the gym, Allison and I got started on some baking. She loves to bake (just like me) and loves chocolate as well. When she heard that we were going to make chocolate pilgrim hats, her eyes got big! We ended up making plain cheesecake and pilgrim hats. They both turned out great!

Pilgrim hats made from chocolate swirl cookie, mini reese cup, and orange icing. 

Allison busy at work
I was able to Skype my family at home and see all them. It won't be too long until I see them for Christmas (I can't wait!).
After baking and getting cleaned up we headed over to my aunt's parents' house and celebrated Thanksgiving. There were 5 kiddos there all under the age of 6, including a 3 day old newborn. I enjoyed hanging out with everyone and ate a delicious meal. 

Allison holding Baby Drew

After we left, my uncle and I headed out for "pre-Black Friday" at Walmart because he was thinking about getting a TV. After we saw this and walked around a little, we gave up and left! Too crazy for us.

On Friday, the Christmas decorations began at their house. 

Allison's tree
Sean's tree
Later that morning, we made a trip to Petsmart and Home Depot. At Home Depot they picked out their Christmas tree. And they also got a mini Christmas tree for me! I have absolutely zero Christmas decorations at my house so it was great to get my first one. Sean had a buddy on the car ride home....

We went out to lunch and then I headed back. It was fun hanging out with these guys and I'm thankful that I have some family that lives so close and welcomed me for Thanksgiving. 

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