Saturday, November 9, 2013

Impressive New Gym

Hello there! 
I'm trying my best to keep the posts coming. Busy busy busy is all I have to say.

Do you know what else keeps me busy? Working out at the new Student Recreation Center on UofL's campus. The facility opened up two weeks ago and I can't get enough! It is super nice. All the machines are brand spanking new with TVs on them, with music videos, cable, etc. I wanted to share some highlights of this place with you....

** Sorry about the poor picture quality. It's hard to take a picture when you're in action ;)

First floor workout room. I was trying out the elliptical. BTW, this is a great place to people watch :) It's funny to watch guys hit on girls. Very entertaining. 
Girls locker. There are probably 200+ lockers in here. There are also toilets and showers for us. I like that it's clean. 

TRX CLASS!! I love love love this class! It kicked my butt and I love the challenge. The past two weeks I've gone with girls in my class, which makes it fun. It makes me feel good when the guys can't even perform some of the moves while I can ;) (But it can be vice versa too). Last class one guy kept telling me his hands were getting to sweaty. I think that was his excuse that he's not being a wimp. Ha! 

Above and below are pictures of the same thing. Sorry they're not the best quality. I was struggling when taking these. This is a stationary bike that I've never seen before. This is a live system in which you can race other people at the same time. You pick a course (length) and begin. The handle bars even move so you have to steer. Let me tell you, this machine loves hills. My heart rate was around 170 the entire time. It was a great workout. My shirt was drenched afterwards. 

This is the running track. 1/10 is a lap...I've only run on it during group classes. But it overlooks the first floor, which is cool. 

Nice basketball courts. Not my forte so I doubt I'll ever step foot on these.

 I walked through Chicago at the gym. That's right! They have this virtual option where you can run/walk/elliptical through different places. The other ones were along the beach, hike, Europe, etc. I chose Chicago because I'm headed there next week. 

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