Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer 2013 Goals

I'm officially home and on summer break. This summer is going to fly by considering I will be back in Kentucky at the beginning of August. 

Here is my "To-Do List" for Summer 2013

First of all here are the exciting trips I will be going on, which I know will be accomplished!
1. Long Island: I will be going to Belmont Stakes on June 8th with my brother Nick and his friend! I love dressing up and watching horses races. Fun stuff!
2. NYC/Boston/Newport, RI: all with Kevin when he comes to visit me. Will be going to Boston on July 4th which will be awesome!
3. Mackinac Island (Michigan): Mid-July I'm going here with Kevin and his family for vacation. I'm really excited and have heard great things about it. 
4. Haiti: I am going with my brother Chris as a visit/mission trip. I'm kind of unclear about it right now, but our parish has a "sister" parish that we will be visiting. 

Other things to do!
1. Read at least 5 books
2. Blog at least 15 posts/month
3. Limit Facebook to 45 minutes/day
4. Complete one new recipe a week (and of course blog about it!)
5. Scrapbook: finish Spain,complete one of Bailey for Chris, pages for Kevin's scrapbook
6. Decorate: I will help my Mom decorate certain parts of the house, especially creating a photo collage 
7. Complete a 5k obstacle course race (June 22nd)
8. Read something religious each day: Bible, Saint of the Day, prayer book, etc. 
9. Be committed to working out and eating healthier. As in Gym 6 days a week and little snacking. 
10. Review Spanish and Communication Disorders material (at least once a week). 

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