Monday, May 6, 2013

Spreading the Pro-Life Message: Family Planning Aisle

I posted this on Hilltoppers for Life Blog and wanted to share it on my blog!

This past weekend, some members of Hilltoppers for Life spread pro-life messages in the community. The Family Family Planning aisles of stores were the target. Right to Life Owensboro, that supports and works with Hilltoppers for Life has “dropcards” (like business cards) that have a pro-life message on one side and the other stating “More than a cause This is life or Death, be pro-life in Owensboro” The cards were put by contraceptives as well as pregnancy tests. Maybe these will change the minds or soften the hearts of those in disagreement with choosing life. We will never who we will affect, but taking proactive actions like this is making small steps to fight against the killing of innocent human lives! What would you do with drop cards like these?

The members that were talked about were Kevin and I. We enjoyed doing this and definitely got a pro-life high afterwards! It is a good feeling to know that we're making a difference. We will never know if we saved a human life, but knowing that people will see these gives us confidence that one day abortion will be abolished.

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