Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Graduated!

It's official, I'm a Western Kentucky University graduate! I did it! 
I now have a Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. These four years have flown by and I'm grateful to receive a higher education. 

My graduation was at 2pm Saturday and lasted over two hours. Luckily I was in the second row so I walked shortly after the first person.  Our president spoke and a few others that made up the ceremony. I actually left a little early because I wanted to make it to Mass that night (don't tell anyone ;) ). 

I was so happy that my parents and grandparents came to my ceremony. It had been forever since I'd seem them so it was great to spend the weekend with them. Kevin and his parents came as well which was nice! 

Awkward picture lining up to walk. 
Kevin and I 
My grandparents and me
My parents and me
Hannah..aka the best roommate ever!

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