Thursday, May 16, 2013

Graduate Awards

With Graduation comes banquets. I went to two banquets the day before my graduation.

The first one was the Honors College. It was for all seniors graduating with the Honors College which meant that we took at least 36 hours in honors. It was a nice lunch and they called us up to the stage to receive our medal and certificate. When they called us, our picture, list of involvement, and post-grad plans were displayed. Cool, I thought!

Mom, Dad, and I at the luncheon

After was the banquet for my Communication Disorders class. My grandparents came to that one too. Several of our professors spoke and said some sweet words to us. There were superlatives for everyone in my class and mine was "Most likely to blog in five different languages." Very fitting I thought! Some of them were funny. One girl from my class gave the "class speech" which was really cute. She always makes all my classmates laugh!

Christina and I- she was my partner for two years for every project , plus she sat next to me everyday! 
Mom and I
Grandma, me and Grandpa
My awesome class :)

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