Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mini-Marathon 2013 Training Update

If anyone was wondering, yes, I am still running the Louisville Mini-Marathon. For some reason updating my training hasn't been a priority of mine. I'm not sure why, but school has gotten busier so I have less time to blog! I have been training and it is going really well! 

Last week I ran 10 miles and I had run two other 9 mile runs which is good for me. Last year I only ran 10 once and probably 7-8 twice. The weather has been perfect and having a good running partner is always a plus! 

The race is in 9 days! 9 DAYS! I can't believe it's almost here. I'm excited to see my Mom and run with her. She's a little nervous about it, but I'm bet she will so great! 

I may update what I've been doing the past weeks (or months I guess), we shall see! I will be posting the race results after the race. 

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