Friday, April 12, 2013

Life Week 2013

I thought I would also post what I wrote on the Hilltoppers for Life Blog on my blog as well! Check out Life Week!


This year Hilltoppers for Life will be putting on Life Week April 15-19, 2013. This year will be different from last year's Cemetery of the Innocents. HFL will be presenting a "Celebrating Life through Facebook's Timeline." We are putting up a display that highlights the life of Steve Jobs through Facebook. The display will be a a tunnel that anyone can walk through to read all the "posts" that highlight Steve Jobs' life. Our purpose is to highlight that EVERY life is valuable and even though there are setbacks it's still worth living. Steve Jobs, which is a highly renowned person, didn't have a perfect life and faced many hardships. He still made the most of it though. He was adopted, saying that he was happy that his biological parents didn't have an abortion. He was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and fought hard. Although he faced difficult times, look at all his accomplished!
Our goal for this week is to show campus that although we are the anti-abortion group, we want to celebrate life as well. We want to support those that chose life and we offer them help if they need it. We hope to spread our mission on campus  "to educate minds and soften the hearts of people on pro-life issues, especially those regarding the pre-born." 

The timeline will be on South Lawn (by TopperCafe on Western Kentucky University's campus). It will be up 24/7 during Life Week so please stop by anytime. 

Throughout the week we will have numerous events happening to get campus involved. Below are the events:
Monday April 15th:
-Tabling all day. Stop by to learn about HFL! Write your comments about our display.
Tuesday April 16th:
- Tabling all day.
Crossroads Life Center will be here in the morning. They offer help to those with unplanned pregnancies. 
Wednesday April 17th:
- LIFE FEST: anyone is welcome! We will have games and snacks all afternoon. Time: 1pm-7pm. There will be 4 movie tickets to "Jobs" the Steve Jobs movie coming out Friday April 19th. 
- Prayer Vigil: at 8pm 
Thursday April 18th:
- Tabling all day
Friday April 19th:
- Tabling in morning and Take down 
Tabling means that someone from HFL will be represented to ask any questions and offer literature. There will also be free speech boards to write your opinions about the display. 
Below are some of the graphics featured on the Timeline.



If you have any questions please email:

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