Sunday, April 28, 2013

5th Mini-Marathon Complete!

I finished!
I finished the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini-Marathon in Louisville yesterday! That was my fifth mini-marathon, which I can't believe. I'm sure there will be even more in the future. Luckily we didn't get rained on, but it looked like it the entire time. The weather was perfect, cool in the in the lower 60s. 

I ran with my Mom and Maggie. We were running at a 9 minute mile pace for the first 3 miles and then I wasn't feeling it for some reason, so I had to slow down my pace a little bit. I ended up finishing in 2:09:23. That is under a 10 minute mile which I'm happy about. I cut off 6 minutes from last year's race. My Mom and Maggie blew it out of the water and ran under 2 hours! Go them!

I love running and even though I didn't feel the best, I had fun. I hope to run it again next year. It felt so good crossing the finish line. I'm proud of my accomplishment and happy that all my training paid off. It was great to run another race with my mom again, she is always the best motivater.

I think the next race on my list is an obstacle course run in June when I'm home. I'm excited but will have to do lots of training for that. 

Maggie and I 
Mom and I

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