Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rainy CT 5K

My first 5K in Connecticut complete! This morning my Mom and I ran MADD Dash 5K this morning in Stratford, CT. Here is my earlier post about the race. We left the house around 7:15 to drive 45 minutes to Short Beach. The chance of rain was 50% the entire day, we were hoping that it would hold off during the race. We were feeling lucky and when we arrived it wasn't raining. But of course it starts to rain right before the race and continues the entire time. Good thing it wasn't a downpour. 

Short Beach- Stratford, CT. It would have been really pretty if the sun was out!
Ready to race! (That finger in the left top corner is Mom's...she's not a great photographer)

We were off at 9 a.m! There were quite of few people at the race so we had to zig and zag at the beginning. The entire race was flat, which was great! We saw lots of beautiful homes on the water. Mom was running quicker so I was keeping up with her and I knew I wanted to try to reach my goal of 9-minute mile. My body felt good, but my breathing on the other hand was not good....I was out of breath a lot! A little after a mile and half my Mom ran ahead of me, but I made sure I kept her in sight! I completed the race in 27:15! I met my goal! :) My pace was 8:47 which was better than I expected! I honestly wouldn't have reached this if I didn't run with my Mom. She finished at 26:42 which was awesome, GO MOM! 

Home after the race
We are number one!
We are already planning to run another race (most likely a 5K) when I come home for Thanksgiving. Our new goal is to is to run 8:15-minute miles which is a 25:37. I think we can do it and I'm looking forward to it! I will be running at school for sure and it will be nice to have a good place to run outside! 

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