Saturday, August 11, 2012

Four in Florida

My family and I had four fun-filled days in Florida. We made it back last night (after a long 19-hour drive in one day!). We visited my grandparents who live in New Port Richey, which is a half hour north of Tampa. The weather wasn't looking good from the time we were there, but it ended up being nice for the most part! In case you are wondering, I finally got a tan! I no longer look like a ghost, thank goodness. So here is what we did each day:

- Went to the beach
- Paddle boarded, which was pretty cool! This was my first time doing it. It's actually a lot easier than I thought. The board we rented wasn't considered to be a "true" paddle board.
- Went to the pool 

Chris paddle boarding
- Pool early in the morning since the sun was out and rain was predicted later.
- Went back to the pool later in the afternoon, but started raining on us, so we hung out the rest of the afternoon
- Ate dinner at an Italian restaurant. The pizza was really good!

Out to dinner

- Went out on the water in my Grandpa's boat
- Ate lunch outside at a restaurant on the water
- Came home, and I went to the pool (you can never get too much sun ;) )
- Played Bingo with the old folks. Dad won $7.50, woohoo! At least one of us won something! 

Calmest water I've ever seen!
Chris driving the boat
Dad and his Bingo earnings!
- SCALLOPING! This was so much fun! Check out my scallop post to read all about it!
- Pool later in the afternoon
- Made dinner including the scallops we caught that day!

Preview of scalloping...Snorkeling Grandma!
Chris is smiling! On the way back from scalloping 
The trip went so fast, but I enjoyed every minute of it! 

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