Saturday, August 13, 2011

Too much zucchini = time for some baking!

This year my dad added zucchini to his little garden in the backyard. We have so much zucchini now!!! I think we have 3 plus a GIANT one in the refrigerator. I had a request to cook or bake some food that included zucchini so we don't waste them or just eat cooked zucchini every night. My mom found a recipe in USA Today newspaper called "Norah's Brain-Booster Zucchini Muffins" They were featured in an article about healthy breakfast foods, I decided to try it out!

1 1/2 sticks butter, unsalted
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 eggs, beaten
1 TB vanilla
1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cups of white all-purpose flour
2 tsps. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
2 TBs. ground flaxseed (didn't use this in mine because I didn't have it)
1 TB. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. ground nutmeg
3 cups zucchini, grated
1 cup of raisins (optional- I just put a few in some of them)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter and sugar on high for 2 minutes with electric mixer. Reduce speed and fold in eggs and vanilla. 
In a separate bowl, whisk together flours, baking soda, salt, flax seed, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Gradually pour dry ingredients into wet ingredients and slowly combine on low. Fold in zucchini and raisins.
Distribute evenly into muffin tins prepared with vegetable oil. Bake until thoroughly cooked. About 25-30 minutes. Make about 20 muffins. 

Giant zucchini

They are Deeelicious! (Even if you aren't a fan of zucchini give it a try because I'm sure you'll love them!)

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