Monday, November 29, 2010

The Little Blue Book

I picked up a reflection book at church for the season of Advent. It is called "The Little Blue Book." I would like to share what it had to say for the First Sunday of Advent, which was yesterday.

27 days till Christmas.....and they'll probably be busier than any other 27-stretch of the year.
Something gets in us and we begin thinking we've got to find ways to make this year's Christmas bigger than last year's. Whatever surprise gift we pulled off last year, this year's has to be bigger. Whatever decorating we did last year, this year's has to outdo it.
If that's the race we're caught in, we ought to get off the track. Instead of "bigger" think "better." Or, instead of "bigger" think "different."
The point is to enjoy the feast of Christmas even more, not take the fun out of it. This is a wonderful time of year, one that is dear to us, rich in memories and customs, with sights, sounds, smells all round that make us glad we're human beings.
That fits, because we're celebrating how glad we are that God become a human being.

Just something to think about.....