Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ready for a New Semester!

Friday evening I finally made it to Bowling Green. We stopped in Louisville to visit a few old neighbors. It was really great to see them! And it was weird seeing my old house. There were toys everywhere in the backyard and a huge play set too. We arrived in Bowling Green around 8:30.

Yesterday morning I moved in! Surprisingly it wasn't busy and it was a really easy move in. I had four other people helping me so it was quick. It took me awhile to unpack some things, but everything is in its place for the most part. I am on the first floor in Bates-Runner Hall at the very end of the hall. Since we are at the end of the hall we have a room that is different than most. We have two movable wardrobes instead of built-in ones on the wall. We also have a sink that is in our bedroom. It is bigger than everyone else's too! But it is a weird shape. We also have three windows in our room which makes it extra bright. Which also means great people watching views :) It was great to see everyone again.

So tomorrow classes start! I'm excited about learning new things and meeting new people in my classes. I'm not sure if I'm ready for all the work, but I will have to be! My first class is at 9:10 so I won't have to wake up too early. The bummer is I won't be done with classes until 4:20 tomorrow, but I have a LONG break in the middle of the day.

I can't believe I'm a sophomore already!

Here are some pictures of my room:

My side of the room

Elizabeth's side

Our sink

Lovely shower curtain. Elizabeth is holding up Cinderella our pet albino squirrel because that's our bathroom theme!

Movable wardrobe and Elizabeth's desk

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