Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catholic and College Bound

Over the summer I went to a college get together at my home parish. They gave us a book called "Catholic and College Bound." It is a book about 5 challenges and opportunities a Catholic student may face in college. It is short and to the point and very insightful. I am going to share some quotes and prayers from it.

"One of the best things about being Catholic is our belief that God is always ready to forgive"

"Take any challenge to the way you used to live as an opportunity to grow"

"Your curiosity during your college years will motivate you to take advantage of the opportunities to explore the incredible diversity of culture and life that is part of God's creation"

"When you are surprised by goodness, thank God. If you let yourself, you will be surprised by the goodness all the time"

Prayer of the Hurried Student

Dear God,
I am on the run again,
between classes and papers and work,
and- if I'm honest- some good times.
But I do not want to run from you
or believe you are ever far from me

Help me to be grateful today
for everything I received yesterday.
And, tomorrow, show me the path
that will lead me to do
what I know to be right and true and good.

Watch over those whom I love
and bring us all
into the Kingdom that your Son preached
would come
"on Earth as it is in Heaven"

by: Fr. George Szews

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