Saturday, March 27, 2010


I just got back from an overnight retreat today. I went with 4 other girls, led by two nuns at Gasper River Retreat Center. It was a very relaxing and fun time. I learned a lot about my faith and the power of women. It was a nice break from school work and campus.

Talk about God's love for us:
God has infinity times infinity love for us. Even though we may not love ourselves including our looks, failures, etc. God will always love us because he created us. We were meant to live life in his unending love. Sometimes its hard in today's society to realize that we were made in God's own image. Media tells us that if we don't look a certain way then we are ugly, but that is all wrong. We are are beautiful. There is no need to have low self-esteem because it doesn't matter what others think, we are God's child. Also, we don't need to feel love from only a man (in a woman's case). We can feel God's love, and love from our friends and family. In a group discussion, an important message that I learned was patience. There is no rush to settle down, God will always show us love, we don't always need love from a significant other. Be yourself and God will lead the way.

Relationship with God and others:
The main message that I took away from this is we need to ALWAYS make time for the Lord. As busy college students, try to take at least 5 minutes a day to think and pray to God. For me, I have been reading a reflection booklet every night and I have felt better about myself and have been sleeping a lot better knowing that I gave God some appreciation for all He does for me.

Power of Woman:
We watched the Secret Life of Bees. The strength of women was shown throughout. Mary Magdalene was first person to see Jesus' resurrection and believe. She was a strong women to tell the others of what she had seen. As a woman we have a specific role to play that is unique. We are the nurturers and the circle of woman can transform others.

These were the highlights of my retreat and I hope to grow from them!

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