Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Creatures of the Sea

Today I went to the beach! I am on my Spring Break in Florida (Tampa area) spending the week at my grandparents condo along with my cousin, Erika. Since today was going to be a gorgeous day, we decided to head to Honeymoon Island and then to Caladesi Island. We took a boat over to the island.

Once we arrived Erika and I went on a walk along the beach. We had plastic bags in our hands eager to pick up some beautiful shells. Along the way, we saw plenty other things besides seashells. We spotted several birds and plenty of dried up seaweed along the way. But we also discovered this odd pink blob. We thought it was a jellyfish at first, but it certainly wasn't! Then we found a dead fish and dead puffer fish (that smelled terrible). We also found a skull! We still can't figure out what kind of animal it is from... any ideas?

Dead Puffer Fish

It was a gorgeous day to relax and do some thinking on the beach. I really enjoyed the time I spent with my cousin and grandma. Catching some rays and seeing the beauty of nature made it a great day!

What is this a skull of?

What is this pink blob?

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  1. I would be able to help if the picture was a tad bit better! BUT IT LOOKS COOL!!!