Friday, March 12, 2010

Modes of Transportation

Today I realized that I have used several different modes of transportation in the last week. Our society has come so far that we have the choices to get around from place to place. Here are some that I have used in the past week:

1. Foot
This is usually how I get from place to place at school, but this week I did a lot of walking. I walked for hours at an amusement park, took a long walk on the beach, and even went on several runs!

2. Bike
I went on a bike ride to explore the neighborhood in Florida where I was staying for the week. I learned that "older people" (I was kind of in a retirement community) think that you are supposed to ride on the opposite direction of the cars, but really bikers are considered to be a car. So those people who told me that I need to ride on the left side, sorry.

3. Airplane
I flew on two flights that were 2 hours long. It is amazing that I can travel 1000 miles in just two hours. It beats the 13 hour car ride

4. Boat
I rode on a boat to get to Caladesi Island. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to catch a little breeze in the sun!

5. Car
The car is probably how I got around most often this week. I drove to go shopping, go a movie, out to eat, to church, to Busch Gardens and to the airport. You name it. My grandparents even let me drive their car too!

6. Roller Coaster
Going to Busch Gardens was really fun! I got to ride several roller coasters including Sheikra which is a new roller coaster that has two 90 degree angle drops. I even got to sit in the front row, and it actually makes you hang at 90 degrees before the drop, it was awesome!

7. Shuttle
To get from the parking lot to Busch Gardens I rode in a shuttle. Also, at the airport I had to ride a shuttle to get to the baggage claim.

I'm sure there were other ways that I got around.. but those were the highlights. I wonder what the future of transportation will be like!

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  1. WOW! Awesome! To bad you didn't teleport. I teleport everywhere. It's fun. Convenient, but I know not everyone can afford it. So... lol