Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Fun

It's sure starting to look and feel like spring now, which makes me very happy.

This past week has been active and fun with fun spring activities going on in Louisville. Also, my roommate Katelynn is back in town so I've been doing lots of fun things with her.

Here is a recap of the fun I had the past few days...

Went for a 6 mile walk around Cherokee Park area with my friend Katie and Katelynn. It was a gorgeous day outside and was fun to talk with these girls for a couple of hours.I actually got some sun on my face!

Went to the Bats opening game. I went with Katelynn and had fun drinking ($1 beers) and taking it all in! We got free HUGE and kinda hideous looking mugs for being the first 2,000 people. Once again, it was a gorgeous day to be outside and do something besides studying.

Went to University of Louisville's spring game!

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