Saturday, April 12, 2014

MMT 2014 Week 14

ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY!!! AHHH! I'm excited and anxious at the same time for the race! 

This past week's weather has been AMAZING! Sunshine and warm weather. I love it! I went for a 6 mile run in the middle of the day on Wednesday and felt me a wimp ha! It was in the 70s and I think my body wasn't ready for that. On Monday I tried a new yoga class and enjoyed it; so three days of yoga this week (#winning). One mistake that I made this week was lifting too much on Monday morning. My legs were sore from Monday until Friday and I could feel it when I was running on Tuesday and Wednesday. Bad move for me but I learned not to do that again! 

Today was a great 10 mile run with Sarah in her neighborhood. She lives on a golf course and we started at 7 am (gasp!) so we were able to see the sunrise on the run. It was our last long run until race day. I hope we're ready! We were joking today about the difference between undergrad and grad school. We grad school people now make runs serious and begin at 7am on a Saturday. I don't mind it at all and get to start my day off right and early. 

Week 14: 
4-6-14: Walked 4 miles 
4-7-14:  50 min weight lifted, Yoga 50 minutes 
4-8-14: Yoga Class 50 min, 3 mile run/walk 
4-9-14: Ran 6 miles 56:35
4-10-14:Yoga Class 50 min., walked 6 miles 
4-11-14: 20 min elliptical, 30 min weight lifted (upper body)
4-12-14: Ran 10 miles 1:34:44

Total Mileage: 19 miles 

Showing off last year's mini t-shirt which will be old next week! This was taken after my 10 mile run this morning. 

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