Sunday, April 6, 2014

MMT 2014 Week 13

Only two weeks until the big race!!

This week was a good one! I ran the most so far in one week. Partly because I had a long run on Sunday (because I didn't run the Saturday before) and I ran 12 miles on Saturday! Knowing that I can run 12 miles makes me confident that I can survive the 13.1 miles. As you all know, my shins have been hurting. I finally received my compression socks in the mail and tried them out yesterday on the 12 mile run. The verdict? I'm not sure if they shins AND calves hurt. Later in the run my hip started to hurt (probably because of compensation). Any suggestions??? After the 12 mile run, Sarah and I made it to Life Bar after for a much needed juice. Yummmm. 

The weather has been a lot nicer outside, so I only had one inside run this week! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be just right on race day. Because the race is in two weeks, that means that my Mom, Dad, and Chris will be in town soon. I can't wait! 

Week 13: 
3-30-14: Ran 9 miles 1:26:07
3-31-14: Walked 3 miles, 50 min weight lifted
4-1-14: Ran 4 miles  38:30, Yoga Class 50 min., 3 mile walk 
4-2-14: OFF
4-3-14: Ran 4 miles 45:00 (TM), Yoga Class 50 min. 
4-4-14: Ran 4.5 miles 40:28
4-5-14: Ran 12 miles 1:53:03

Total Mileage: 33.5 miles

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