Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pro-Life on a Saturday

It's been awhile since I've written about pro-life. Since yesterday I had two events that were pro-life I thought I would share what I did, and some thoughts. 

I definitely haven't been slacking on my pro-life activism because I've been helping the Teens for Life. The Teens for Life is a high school pro-life group. I was asked to be their "mentor" since they needed some guidance. I love helping them out and working with younger people with such a passion for pro-life work! I wish I knew about this group when I was in high school. 

On Saturday early in the morning I went to pray outside the abortion clinic (EMW Clinic) in downtown Louisville. I hadn't done this in awhile and I'm really glad that I participated. Right now is 40 Days for Life, meaning that everyday for 40 days there is someone praying outside the clinic from 7am-7pm. I think that is truly powerful that there are that many dedicated people to fill all those time slots. We all believe that those women in there need extra prayers as they make their "choice." Because I went early in the morning I saw all the women come in for their appointments. There were around 20 women that I saw. Each women had a worried and apprehensive look on their face, as many of them covered their ears and eyes walking by the people praying. It gets to me every time to see these hopeless women walk in. All I can do it pray for them. 

What was shocking to me this time, was how many clinic escorts there were. A clinic escort is someone who walks with the woman from her car to the clinic. They have these escorts because for "some reason" they think that the pro-life people are going to attack or harass them. Which is totally not true FYI :) There were around 25 escorts and I would say around 40 prolifers. It's like they needed all these people to "protect" the women going into the clinic. Ironic because they aren't necessary being "protected" INSIDE the clinic. I saw one clinic escort recording a video on her phone of the prolifers prayer and the sidewalks counselors trying to talk to the women. The escort was smirking and laughing under breath. I thought to myself, who is going to watch that?! I personally thought it was disrespectful and immature. There were several sidewalk counselors as well. They are prolifers that are trained to talk to these women on their way to the clinic. They will offer help and tell them the Truth. I look up to those people, their work is truly amazing. That would take a lot of guts and prayer to become one of those. 

Another thought that came to mind while I was praying.... There were around 10 graphic abortion signs that people we holding (i.e. dead baby). Those disturb me every time I see them. I think they are necessary to use, but only in certain places. An abortion clinic is not one. These women coming into the clinic need hope and comfort. They are about to make a choice that many of them may not even want to make (being death). No one wants to admit to that. They don't need to see dead babies, the word "kill", and condemning them. They are just like any human being that makes mistakes and sins. I believe that praying outside the clinic is a strong enough sign to show these women that we care about them and pray for them. I do believe that graphic signs should be used on college campuses or other public places to share the TRUTH. Many don't even know what happens during an abortion. Those signs show what occurs and there is no denying that. The intention is that some those pictures will spark a thought in a person and make them reconsider the definition of abortion. 

Later in the day was more fun (and less somber) than being outside the clinic. The Teens for Life group stood on Shelbyville Rd. outside the mall with Pro-life signs. They had a blast and I had fun too! One sign said "Honk if You're Pro-life" We received 400 honks! It was exciting to see how many pro-life people are out there. More positive responses were seen than negative, which was awesome! The purpose was to spread the word and once again provoke a thought in those drivers going by. The Teens for Life decided to make this a monthly event, which is great!!

I'd say it was a great day to be pro-life!!

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