Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Parts of The City

Yesterday was a fun day in The City, NYC that is! I went with some family friends for the day. They get their haircut in Chinatown in lower Manhattan so I decided to go along. 

We ate at an authentic Chinese restuarent called Golden Unicorn. We had Dim Sum which is where the servers come around with trays and you pick what you want. So you don't order off a menu. It was delicious and a really cool experience. Swee, someone who I went with, is fluent in Mandarin so she spoke to all these people and ordered for us. Pretty cool! I forgot to take pictures but this is basically what I ate...

From: Yelp

Don't ask me what I ate or what it was called! Ha! It was really good though. So I have to share that I tired chicken feet. I was being adventurous so I decided to do it. The sauce was good but the texture and picking out the bones was no appetizing. I can now say I tried chicken feet, but will no longer eat chicken feet in my life. 

While they got their haircut, I took a short walk to South Street Seaport. I actually had to walk under the Brooklyn Bridge to get there so very close to that. It's an area with shops and restaurants. Plus ships that you can tour. I was only there for an hour so I just meandered. Some things still weren't open because of Sandy.

Before we left Chinatown I was taken on a tour of a Chinese market. They have a lot of fish, fruits, and vegetables not native to the United States which was interesting. 

Overall it was another good day in the City exploring places I've never been! 

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