Sunday, June 23, 2013

CT Wine Trail



Top Left-Glass and wine from Walker Road Vineyards
Top Center- Tasting the red wine at Walker Road
Top Right-Glass and wine from DiGrazie Vineyards
Bottom Left- Wine Trail passport
Bottom Center- Barn at Walk Road
Bottom Right- Digrazie's wine list 
I went on the Connecticut Wine Trail Today!

Connecticut has a wine trail all over the state. I went to two with my parents today. They have this cool program where you can get a passport and get it stamped every time you visit one. If you visit 16 out of 36 then you can be entered into a contest to win a trip to Spain. How cool! 

The first one we visited was called DiGrazie Winery in Brookfield, CT. We went inside and started some wine tasting. There was a list of 16 wines. We were allowed to circle 6 to taste. Of course I picked that ones that looked sweet. They were all very sweet and nontraditional. A lot of them weren't made from grapes and had extra fruits and spices added. My favorite was called Wild Blue which is made from blueberries and has brandy added to it. It is so sweet that it almost tastes like juice, not wine. I also liked one that was made from pumpkin. It tasted AND smelled delicious! We ended up buying the Wild Blue and Winner's Cup, which my dad liked (drier white wine).

Great Sunday afternoon!

Next stop was Walker Road Vineyards in Woodbury, CT.

This place was very small and we thought, wow! is this really a winery?! It was! It is run by an older man, pretty much all by himself. He only sells two wines, a white and a red. They are both table wines that are made from different kinds of grapes from different places. The wines have won national awards. He has a few acres of vines on his land (pictured above) which was a beautiful setting. He has a small barn where he does wine tasting, which was really cute. These were more traditional with a definite bite compared to the sweeter wines at the other vineyard. I preferred the white wine. My parents bought both wines when we left. We also got wine glasses from both places which was neat. 

And on the way home we stopped for ice cream. The tiramusu gelato hit the spot!

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