Monday, March 18, 2013

Katie Couric Show

I went to the Katie Couric Show with my Mom on Wednesday of Spring Break. Third live show in NYC=Exciting!

The nice thing about this show was I didn't have to get up at the crack up dawn like for the Live with Kelly and Michael. The taping started at 2 pm and last about 2 hours. We were advised to arrive at 12:30, so we did and waited for a little bit. A lot of waiting, but totally worth it. We were seated in the front row, but all the way to the right. Who knows if we will be on TV, but it would be pretty cool if we were. The angle wasn't best because we saw the backs of the guests and also the giant screen in the back of the stage.

The episode was all about adoption. I definite pro-life theme which I was happy about :). Here is how the show flowed and who the guests were:

1. Of course, Kate Couric came out and introduced herself. She also revealed the theme of the show
2. Nia Vardolos (the lady from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) came out and she was the co-host for the show. She shared her story about adopting her daughter.
3. Kim Whitley, a comedian, came on stage and shared her adoption story as well. She will have a show on OWN Network called Raising Whitley about raising her son by herself and with the help from her family and friends.
4. Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser shared her story about adopting a child and having a baby at the same time too. It was so cool to see her!
5. A family struggled with adopting one of their children for 5 1/2 years. They have adopted three kids and they are the cutest. This family will be featured in People magazine once this show recording is released.

Katie Couric

The taping lasted 2 hours, which was long considering the show on TV is only 1 hour. They must be cutting a lot? I'm not sure.

The set
Also, in the audience was Caroline Rhea,the former Biggest Loser host. She was also in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It was awesome to see some many famous people! Pretty Cool! The show will be aired on April 2 at 3pm ET. You should watch! We weren't allowed to take pictures until after the show, so that's why I don't have any pictures of the guests. 

Outside The Cloisters
After the show my Mom and and I went to The Cloisters. It is located off of 190th street and the Katie Couric show was at 67th- so we took a long subway ride. The Cloisters are beautiful and we were there on a nice day so it was perfect. Since it closed early we only got to walk around for 30 minutes. I will definitely have to visit again another time to see it all. The Cloisters on are on hill so there is a beautiful view of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge.
A little info about The Cloisters:

The Cloisters museum and gardens, the branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe, was assembled from architectural elements, both domestic and religious, that date from the twelfth through the fifteenth century.
The building and its cloistered gardens—located in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan—are treasures in themselves, effectively part of the collection housed there. The Cloisters' collection comprises approximately three thousand works of art from medieval Europe, dating from about the ninth to the sixteenth century. 
One of the many gardens in The Cloisters

After, we headed back south and ate dinner at a hole in the wall pizza place which was delicious. Across the street was an Italian bakery called Bomboloni and we got 4 bombolonis which are Italian donuts. I tried the Latte one and it was yummy!

Bombolonis (we bought them at a shop, not the parking garage ;) )
Time to head back home after a fun day in the city! 


  1. Hi I was wondering since you attended Katie Courics show do you have a email to phone number where you can ask a ticket question?

    1. Here's the website about tickets
      Sorry about the delayed response!