Thursday, November 10, 2011

Semester Madness

ONLY TWO WEEKS UNTIL THANKSGIVING!!! I keep telling this to myself because I have so much going on. I have 5 projects/papers/presentations due after Thanksgiving Break. So now until finals I might feel like I will have no life. All but one is a group project so it's hard to find time and get everything coordinated. I enjoy all my classes this semester, but I'm sure going to be glad when all this work is over!

I'm excited for Thanksgiving because:
1. Get to see my family (since August!)
2. Home-cooked food
3. Making Christmas candy
4. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC!! :)
5. Shopping (Possibly?)
6. Time to sit, relax, and take a deep breath.
7. Sleeping in

Things I don't want to think about:
1. Audiology paper and presentation
2. Phonetics paper and presentation
3. Normal Language observation, interview, video, and presentation
4. Anatomy presentation
5. Spanish Debate

Plus all the final exams...geeze!

I know I will make it. I just need to pace myself, fit in some fun, and pray. I'm praying for all those other college students out there as well.

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