Monday, October 28, 2013

Lately...going on

Besides starting to study for my anatomy exam... (maybe or maybe not that is going well) there are a few other things going on that I would like to share with you.

1. Bible Study
- I joined a women's bible study group and we are studying the book of Ruth. It's going well so far and interesting because I never really know about Ruth. I'll let you know how the next meetings go!

2. Trying out workout classes on campus
- I finally tried out the gym on the "health sciences" campus the other day. I love to work out and take group classes so I was excited. I tried the step class they have. was okay. I definitely could have been pushed more. It was a bunch of middle aged women so I don't think the instructor pushed us that much. At least I did get a little sweat in :)

3. Starting to volunteer
- I recently heard about the Backside Learning Center which teaches English to Hispanic workers at Churchill Downs. I was excited to hear about it because I wanted to get some more practice with my Spanish. Right now I'm getting set up with a student to tutor. I had my orientation, but haven't started yet. I will let you know how that goes.

4. The Fray new song
- I love love love this new song!! Check it out here: Love Don't Die

5. Getting Chicago figured out
- So my professor decided to fund my trip to a national convention for my major in mid-November. It's in Chicago. I'm excited!! Planning it has been a little difficult because of the money. But apparently they are paying $250/night at an Embassy Suites for another student and I wowzers! I'm not complaining though ;)

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