Friday, July 12, 2013

Revisiting the Breakers

The second day that Kevin was here we went to Newport, RI for most of the day and then Mystic, CT for part of the evening.

I love Newport! It's such a beautiful city with lots of character.

First I had to take Kevin to the Breakers, which is a mansion (HUGE= over 100,000 sqft) from the guilded age owned by the Vanderbilts. I've been there before, but had no problem revisiting because it's pretty awesome. It was an audio tour and I learned new things that I didn't remember from the last time. It was a gorgeous day and we took lots of good pictures.

After visiting the Breakers we ate a restaurant that had a patio that was on at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. We sat outside in beautiful setting and enjoyed lunch. Afterwards we headed to the Newport Storm Brewery. We were able to try four different flavors. My favorite was the blueberry flavored one. 

Before leaving Newport, we walked down to a point of the Cliff Walk. Looked at the lovely water, took a picture, and then it was off to Mystic, CT!

Mystic was quite busy! We looked at the edge of Mystic Seaport, which was closed that late in the day. Then we ate at the famous Mystic pizza place. After we walked around, ate some ice cream and enjoyed relaxing in the town. What a good day!

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