Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flying into July

Happy July! June flew by!

This is a little old, but I went flying with my brother Chris a few weeks ago.

He's been taking flying lessons for over a year now and I finally was able to fly with him. It was pretty neat. The instructor was also in the plane. He flies a 172 Cessna. It was a two door, four passenger. That day he was practicing touch and gos. That is when he flies up in the air, does a loop, lands, and immediately goes back up into the air. I love looking over the land to see the houses and buildings when flying :)

So I'm being kind of cheesy with the title of the post, but I named it flying because this month is going to fly by! I have so much going on. This week Kevin comes to visit, next week a short visit to Philly, then Mackinac Island with Kevin, and then Haiti to conclude the month! 

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