Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Trip to Philadephia

Wednesday and Thursday, Mom, Chris, and I made our first trip to Philadelphia. Just one trip right after the other. I love it! 

The main reason why we went was for Chris to check out Drexel University. He's going to be a Junior in the Fall, he's getting so old! We took a tour of the university which was nice, but exploring the city that evening and the next day was my favorite!

Wednesday evening we took a Duck Tour. So much fun! We took a WWII vessel on land and water to take a tour of the city. We scratched the surface of the city and saw all the highlights. My two favorite parts of the ride: 1. Answering the joke "What time do ducks set their alarm? At the quack of dawn!" haha I got it right and won a duckie! 2. Doing the chicken dance!

Chris and I before the ride 
Pennsylvania Railroad (Monopoly anyone?)

Art Museum. Steps "Rocky" ran. 
Beautiful Catholic Church 
City Hall. So Cool! 
Betsy Ross House
On the water...

Mom and I at dinner 
The next day we took a tour of Independence Hall and saw the Liberty Bell! It was pretty awesome to stand in the same room as all those that signed the Declaration of Independence. 
Courtroom (Middle cage is where the accused would stand during the entire trial, that's where the name "standing trial" originated)
The room where it all happened!


Before heading out we stopped at the Redding Terminal Market to gawk at all the amazing food! If it were lunch time we probably would have stopped to eat something. Really cool place and I would recommend checking it out if you are ever in Philadelphia. 

Biggest shrimp I've ever seen!

On our way home from Philly, we stopped at my great aunt's house. That was my first time meeting her and it was finally great to meet her and chat for a little bit. 

Have you ever been to Philadelphia? What was your favorite part?

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