Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Fray + Kelly Clarkson


The Fray is one of my favorite bands. Over the summer I was looking up concerts and I saw that The Fray was coming to Nashville. So....I bought tickets! It also said that Carolina Liar and Kelly Clarkson were performing too, which was awesome!

My friend, Jordan and I left for Nashville in the late afternoon and made it in time for dinner. We ate downtown on Broadway, which was only a couple blocks from the concert at Bridgestone Arena. We had a good dinner at Big River Grille. After we were ready for the concert!

Jordan enjoying her drink!
Me...I know I'm short! The chairs were way too low for the table.
First up was Carolina Liar. The only song of theirs that I knew was "Show Me What I'm Looking For" but they sounded great! We showed up a little after it had started so we only saw them perform 3 songs. 

Carolina Liar
Waiting for The Fray!

Finally it was time for The Fray! Let me tell you one thing...I thought The Fray was the main performer, so I assumed Kelly Clarkson was next. I was wrong, but they both performed the same amount so it didn't really make a difference. They both were amazing! 

They performed all songs I knew (of course) including my favorite song off their new album "Turn Me On" It was awesome! Some other songs were "Over my Head" "You Found Me" "Look After" "How to Save a Life" "Heartbeat" and "Happiness"plus others.

Later he played the piano in the middle of the audience which was cool. He also ran through the crowd and was only 5 rows in front of us. It was exciting! 

After The Fray was Kelly Clarkson. She did A-Mazing! She didn't hit one bad note. Jordan and I had so much fun singing and dancing along to all of her songs. She sang all of her popular songs including: "Breakaway" "Darkside" "Since You've Been Gone" "Miss Independent" "My Life Would Suck Without You" All good songs!

After the concert we headed back to Bowling Green and got someone to take a picture of us on Broadway in Nashville. It was quite a hoppin' street! 

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