Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Waiting in Joyful Hope

It's about time that I write a solid blog post! Last week and this week have been crazy, but it is almost over. Yesterday I gave three presentations and today I took two finals. Now all I have left are three finals next week. Then, it's home free! Can't wait to get home to celebrate Christmas and travel to Florida to visit my grandparents as well. Speaking of "can't wait" last weekend I went on retreat that was all about waiting or anticipating. 

A group of us from the Catholic Center stayed at cabins by Kentucky Lake. It was great to get away for a weekend. There were a total of five talks and I gave one of them. They were the introduction, God's plan for you/vocations, Chasity, Advent, and the second coming/heaven. Each one of them was thought-provoking and I felt like I grew closer to God and to the others girls on the retreat. I gave the God's plan/vocations talk for the girls. I enjoyed giving the talk and adding in some of my opinion as well. 

Here is a prayer that I like. I found it and decided to include it as my concluding prayer.

Almighty God, father God, God of great mercy. I love and am grateful I can come before you knowing you accept me as your child whom you love.  Thank you so much dear Jesus that you are with me where ever I go. Like a child in his mother's arms I come to you. Take ownership of me, guide me, prompt me, teach me, and instruct me dear God in the way I should go. May your great plan for my life be fulfilled so I may be closer to you. Thank you dear God for all you have done. Amen.

(Originally written on 12-9-11)

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