Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chocolate Pasta with Peanut Butter Sauce

Yesterday I went shopping with my friends Erin and Jordan. We went to a shopping center called the Avenue Murfreesboro which is about 20 miles south of Nashville. It was an outside shopping center with probably every store you can imagine. It was really nice. They had a World Market there (which is one of my favorite stores)! Looking around I found specialty spreads and one of them was called "Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter." I wanted to try it so I decided to buy it. I tasted it once I got back and it was delicious! I was looking at the jar and there was a website for it, so I decided to look it up. 

I discovered that it is made in New York City. There is a little restaurant that serves all kind of peanut butter creations. It is called Peanut Butter & Co. One sandwich that they make is called "The Elvis" which is crunchy peanut butter, bananas, honey, and bacon! It sounds interesting to me. Other varieties of homemade and all-natural peanut butter that they make: The Heat is On (Spicy PB), White Chocolate Wonderful (white chocolate with PB), Dark Chocolate Dreams (dark chocolate with PB), The Bees' Knees (honey with PB), Mighty Maple (maple syrup with PB), and Smooth Operator (regular PB). They also have a blog and I checked it out. The most recent post was called "Chocolate Pasta with Peanut Butter Sauce" Sounds really rich and too much sugar, but I think I would like to try a bit. Here is the link: I hope maybe I could eat there next time I go to NYC.

Here is the company's website:


  1. Im catching up on your blogs, and I love the Avenue!! I go there a lot since I live close to it in the summer. 2nd they sell like 3 kinds of that peanut butter in walmart! Lauren Snider was looking at peanut butter with the fewest calories, and the white chocolate has the least out of every other peanut butter on walmarts shelves! I suggest the white chocolate; I've also had dark chocolate but I don't like it as much.

  2. I know I just discovered that they sell that at Walmart! I will have to try the white chocolate. I tried the Dark Chocolate too, and I don't like it as much. Thanks for commenting because it makes me feel good to know people actually read my blog :)