Sunday, March 20, 2011

Private Practice- Morals- Pro-Life

Last week, Private Practice (March 17th) was filled with the question between right and wrong. Morals were everything. Since I'm pro-life I couldn't stop thinking about how the issue of life is consistently brought up. This particular episode shocked me.

During the episode a pregnant couple comes into the office wanting some help. They have had several miscarriages and now they have a baby, but it has many problems and has a very low rate of surviving once it is born. The couple comes to the doctor wanting to kill the baby and use its' eggs to produce another child that will survive. Some of the doctors are pro-life supporting them, while others aren't. A quote from the show said by Cooper, "That's worse Charlotte it's a baby, with a life! A tragically short one, but that is a LIFE. How are we not on the same side here?....Can't believe you" When they have the child the parents decide they don't want to see the child because they are afraid they will "bond." But the doctor keeps saying that they have always wanted to be parents. In the end, we still are unsure of whether or not they will use the baby's eggs.

Below is a link for the episode:

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